IIUG World 2019

September 22 – 26, 2019
Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach
3635 Fashion Way, Los Angeles, California, USA 90503


Sessions are 1 hour long and cover a wide range of topics

Sessions will be held daily from Monday, September 23rd to Wednesday the 25th

There will be at least 60 sessions total!

A Subset of Sessions already selected for IIUG WORLD 2019:

  • Migration to Informix 14.10 and Informix HQ
  • Getting Going with Informix Connection Manager
  • Works for Me
  • Informix 4Gl to x4GL Migration
  • Implementing Informix Encryption at Rest
  • Getting Serious About Redundancy
  • Do Storage Better
  • Exploring the Sysmaster – my new stuff
  • Challenges of Working with Temporal Databases in Informix
  • Technology Soup Featuring Informix and It Tastes Good
  • Enhanced Replication Functionalities
  • Measuring Performance of My Databases
  • Managing Big Data with Informix Database
  • Designing & Realizing an Operational Data Store to Support Dynamic Operation Analytics
  • Kandooerp.org: The Community of the only Open Source ERP based on Informix and 4GL Language
  • Set up a Raspberry Pi

*Subject to change.

IIUG World 2019 - Los Angeles, CA, USA - September 22 - 26, 2019